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 This book helped me to finally create my bucket list!
This is a perfect little journal to keep track of my dreams and ideas of things to add to my bucket list. It's a great size, just big enough to keep handy. I love that it includes God in my journey. It has a good list of steps to take to write out your dreams, and even mentions to start with a prayer. I believe this works! God wants us to fulfill our dreams so we should include Him in our journey. It's a great exercise to write down what is in your heart and your mind. There is a main list page, and then each page following goes into more depth for each item. There's wisdom in writing your dreams down! I followed another reviewer's idea of getting some for my children--such a great idea. I got a few and they are excited to get started too!

Nat from Ut

This journal is a SUPER helpful tool for visualizing & creating.

Great buy! This journal is a super helpful tool for visualizing & creating meaningful life changing projects. The workbook format guides you step by step through the creation process. I've found it helpful with everything from healthy habit formation to visualizing and laying the groundwork for big dream projects. Would definitely recommend.


Fantastic way to pursue your dreams!
This is a great tool to purposefully and intentionally pursue your dreams!

Amazon Customer

Great book for my entire family
This book is simple, yet powerful. It gave me a perfect plan to set my short term and long term goals and dreams. I actually got one of these for my wife and four kids. We had a fun family night where we all worked together filling in books! Highly recommend this book!

Frank Pomeroy

Hi, I'm Chelsea Robson. It's great to see you!

I write custom songs about your original love story but when I'm not doing that I write books, journals, and planners.

Here you will find updates on new projects as well as posts featuring transcripts and videos of my adventures from my Bucket List Series on YouTube. 


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