1. Yodeling for Bob Barker: The First Check Box

They say dreams are meant to be pursued, no matter how big or small they may be. In my case, my bucket list consisted of a seemingly outrageous item: yodeling for Bob Barker on The Price is Right. Little did I know that this whimsical dream would become my first checked-off item, teaching me valuable lessons along the way. Join me as I recount the adventure that unfolded and the deeper meaning it held.

Setting the Stage

I had watched the Price is Right every sick day my whole life. At the ripe age of 18, with high school nearing its end, I had a shortened schedule which made it possible for me to sleep in a bit. As I got ready for school, I vividly recall those mornings, watching Bob Barker and Rod Roddy showcase the amazing prizes awaiting lucky contestants. This was part of the plan. When I was a sophomore, I did the Bucket List Challenge and that was when my seemingly absurd desire to “yodel for Bob Barker” showed itself and took root. I knew I had to make it happen.

The Journey Begins

I turned 18 in september and I decided I would go over Christmas break. Securing tickets for the show proved to be no easy feat. I had to apply the day before in person just to stand in line on the day and endure the early morning wait. Accompanied by my brother Randy, my mom, and my sister Marisa, we were ready to seize the day. When we finally got to the studio, my enthusiasm was infectious, as I proudly donned a shirt proclaiming “Will Yodel for Plinko.”

A Brush with Fame

Though luck eluded us when it came to being chosen as contestants, a glimmer of hope presented itself during a commercial break. Bob Barker, always one to engage with the audience, spotted my unique shirt and decided to give me a moment to shine. My heart raced as he beckoned me to stand at my seat and yodel, but alas, a distraction cut his attention short. Nonetheless, I soldiered on, serenading an appreciative crowd. It may not have been the grand stage I envisioned, but it was a moment I cherished nonetheless.

Reflecting on the Achievement

Looking back, what I cherish most about that day is the simple fact that I did it—I crossed off an item from my bucket list. It became a testament to the power of determination and the realization that dreams can become reality. While the destination wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned, the journey itself held the key to growth and self-belief. In a way, this experience taught me that with the right mindset and a sprinkle of tenacity, I could conquer anything I set my mind to.

A Deeper Message

Perhaps this goal wasn’t divinely appointed, but I can’t help but believe that God was watching and rooting for me as I embarked on this quirky endeavor. It served as a reminder that He celebrates our efforts, regardless of the outcome. After the show, we all exited through the gift shop, where I purchased a keychain and a visor. They both serve as a daily reminder of this unforgettable experience.

Lessons Learned

Every dream we pursue comes with a price tag, though sometimes we overestimate or underestimate it. The key lies in recognizing and preparing for the challenges that lie ahead. As you fill out your own Bucket List Journal, I encourage you to go beyond mere wishful thinking and truly plan out the steps needed to achieve each dream. Remember, the journey itself is where true growth and confidence-building occur and that price is always right.


Yodeling for Bob Barker may have been an unconventional dream, but it taught me the importance of chasing our aspirations, no matter how outlandish they may seem. By embracing the journey, we discover the resilience within ourselves, allowing our dreams to evolve and inspire us along the way. So, dream big, plan wisely, and trust that the process will shape you into the person you’re meant to become. After all, why wouldn’t God want to witness your journey and cheer you on?

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