30 Day Songwriting Challenge

Glad you could join us! Chelsea walks you through the example prompt from her songwriting challenge journal.

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Daily Prompt Questions and 30 minute timer:

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  • What are the emotions and common plot themes that align with the scene? List them. 
  • What movie(s) can you think of as reference? 
  • Do you have a personal experience with one of these emotions?


  • How is the scene being edited? 
  • Is it portrayed through a single, lingering shot, where the music can unfold leisurely? or is it a dynamic montage with more energetic beats to propel the story forward? 
  • Pick your pacing.


  • What instruments would get this mood across? 
  • Violin? Drums and a guitar? Cello? Cow bell?


  • What words come to mind? 
  • Are there words in the prompt that you should use in the hook? 
  • What about the verses? 
  • Are there any well know quotes or idioms that come to your mind?


  • Who is talking to who? 
  • Should the song be in 1st person to be used as a soliloquy from the main character? 
  • Or 3rd person to represent another character or the audience's perspective talking to the main character?
  • Now, look back on what you have written and ask yourself, "In one sentence, what is the main point or message of the song?" 
  • When creating the verses, what aspects of the prompt would be good to expand the story?
  • For a bridge, ask yourself, "Why does it matter?" 

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