Chelsea Robson

Author of My Bucket List Journal

Chelsea Robson is a classically trained vocal artist & songwriter. She went to school for Recording Engineering, lived and performed in both Nashville and Los Angeles, and has had songs used in film and national brand advertising.

She grew up performing with a band since she was 4 years old for audiences of 400+ people a night. For over 15 years, she performed over 100 shows a year. She is a true romantic and optimist with a talent to organize other people's thoughts, as well as her own, to create moving pieces of art that elevate film and stages. 

Chelsea speaks English and Portuguese and her other hobbies include traveling, watching movies, spending time with her family, and playing with her cute dog, Montana.

She created the Bucket List Journal to help document her own journey as well as encourage others to both set big goals and look for how God guides you.


  • Space for your list of 100 dreams
  • 100 Pages devoted to planning and space to answer the question, "How Did God Guide Me?"


  • 365 days broken up into three sections per page to cover 3 Years of Journaling or 1000 days of your life.