Welcome to the Arizona Songwriters monthly meeting. This meeting is for the purpose of giving constructive feedback on songs that you are writing. All comments and views are those of the individuals speaking and not that of the organization.

All songs posted must be the full intellectual property of those who submit them or have written/verbal permission of the artists involved. The copyrights and all other rights belong to those who post. Any persons who infringe on those rights will be held 100% liable by the owner.

The organisation is not responsible or liable for any contract violations that may arise between individuals. By attending, you agree to be courteous.

Translation: Don’t steal other people’s work and be kind to one another.

Songs will be played in order, based on who is present in the live meeting.


  1. Post a link to the audio or video of the performance. (This includes a live reading of “lyric only” submissions.) This can be YouTube, Soundcloud, Dropbox, or another service that provides easy internet playback without having to download anything.
  2. List a link to the lyrics in the comment with any writing credits that may apply. Or you can also copy/paste your lyrics in the comment box.

The live meeting begins at 1 PM and will go until 4 PM, Arizona time. All comments are deleted after the live meeting. If we do not get to your song, we are sorry, but you will still need to repost for the next month.

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    1. Title: Good News – By: Alyssa G

      Audio Link:

      VERSE 1
      I was walking down the street
      When I heard you call my name
      You said daughter won’t you please
      Go and share the Good News, hey

      CHORUS 1
      What are you seeking
      What are you looking for
      Maybe it’s time to put your faith and trust in the Lord

      VERSE 2
      There are people all around
      Who are lost and can be found
      Holy Spirt guide my words
      So, Your Word can pave the way

      CHORUS 2
      What are you seeking
      What are you looking for
      Maybe it’s time to put your faith and trust in the Lord
      Come and see
      See what Christ has done
      Now it’s time to build His Kingdom, Thy Will be done


    Written By: Brian Newman & Janae Dunn
    Only Time Will Tell

    Rows of lace and white
    Miles of dresses that she would like
    But that ring sure is getting tight
    Is love supposed to doubt?

    She missed her family
    Sand and water filled her dreams
    But love makes one do crazy things
    She traded hers for his

    That train of life keeps rolling
    On a track that feels so broken
    She doesn’t know which way it goes
    Or if she’s lost herself
    Only time will tell

    5 years down the aisle
    Lay broken like his bottles piled
    She wipes her tears and paints her face
    And covers up the truth

    That train of life keeps calling
    The veil of fear is falling
    She packs her bags, sneaks in the night
    And swallows her farewells
    Only time will tell

    Bridge: (Instrumental break)

    That train of life came rolling
    The road of hope wide open
    She found the strength to love again
    And learned to love herself

    And only time would tell

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